Welcome to Snap-Appz. I am an independent android application developer and have published a few applications to¬† Google Play and the Amazon App Market. Right now I have two great location based applications published. One is called Garage & Yard Sale Navigator and the other is Errand Runner. Both a based on the same technology but each has it’s own unique set of features.

I developed Garage & Yard Sale Navigator a couple years back. It started as a simple application but has grown as I got feedback from users and worked out a lot of the bugs. If you like going to yard sales, this application will make your life much easier. I had actually developed it for personal use before marketing it.

Errand Runner works off the same technology as Garage & Yard Sale Navigator and is designed to make your daily errands a bit easier.

Visit the applications section on this website to learn more about each application. If you have downloaded these applications and have feedback, questions or are in need of support, use the Contact page to get in touch with me.