Errand Runner


Make running errands a snap. Simply enter the location information for all your errands and create task lists to ensure you don’t forgot a thing when you are out running around.

Errand Runner lets you associate task lists with each of you errands. As you complete the tasks, simply check them off the To Do List. When viewing the errands screen, all errands that are active for the current day are shown in an easy to read list which displays the errand locations and the distance from your current location. The distance is automatically updated as you drive. This allows you to run you errands in order without driving back and forth around town.

Integration of GoogleMapsTM will display your errands on a map with an icon for each errand. Clicking on the errands icon will allow you to display the tasks for the errand or bring up navigation options to start you navigator or get driving directions to the errand location.
There are a variety of other options that can be added to your errand info. Adding a type will let you filter your errand list by type (shopping, appointments, etc). You can even set dates for your errands. If you have errands you need to complete in the future, just fill in the date range and those errands will appear on your errand list when they are active for the set date(s).
If you have any questions on the usage, there is a Help/FAQ section in the application that outlines each function and explains how to use the all features of the application. I am currently working on a full walk-through video of the application which will be published to YouTube soon.