Errand Runner FAQ

1. What are the benefits of this app?

This app can be used to input information for errands and associate a task list with each of your errand locations. You simply input all your errand info before hitting the road and this app will guide you to each one in order by distance from your current location. It can save you hours of driving time.

2. How does this app know the distance from my location to each address?

– The app uses the GPS function on your phone to calculate the distance from your current location to all addresses you have entered. Distancescan be set to refresh at different intervals (15 sec, 30 sec, etc).

3. Will the GPS consume a lot of my battery?

There are some settings in the app that can be changed to help conserve battery life. You can change the GPS refresh interval or set it to manual updates only. When using manual updates, there is a button on the screen that you push whenever you want to refresh the distances. Also, the GPS is only active when you open the Navigation screen.

4. Why are there some differences between the distances reported on the navigation screen and the distance that shows up on Google Navigator?

-You may see some slight differences between the information reported on the navigation screen of the app and the Google Navigation driving directions due to GPS accuracy.