Errand Runner Help

1. Setting Your Preferences

Tapping the menu button when inside the application will bring up an option to edit the preferences. Here is a description of what each option does:

  • Update Distance Manually: Saves battery life but removes real-time distance updates
  • Distance Refresh Interval: Distance refresh frequency in seconds
  • Automatic Deactivation: Automatically deactivates locations in your list that have been visited
  • Auto Update Distance: With this option enabled, the mileage to each address will be updated automatically at a specified interval on the navigation screen. Turning this option off will display a button on the navigation screen that can be pressed each time you wish to update the distances to each address.
  • Updates Interval: If you have the “Auto Update Distance” option enabled, distances to addresses will be updated every 30 seconds. Clicking this option allows you to change the auto update interval (1 sec, 5 sec, 30 sec, 1 min or 5 min)
  • Automatic Deactivation: With this option enabled, visited addresses will automatically be marked as “VISITED” when you reach your destination.

2. Adding Locations:

To add an address, click the “Add Errand Info” button on the main screen. Fill in the address, City, State along with any optional information (Title, Type, Task List, Start Date, End Date) “Save” button. Setting dates is useful as you are able to view errands and associated tasks that are active for the current date when viewing the information on the “Run Errands” screen. An “Address Saved” message will appear on the screen. Note that it may be eaiser to set up your task lists and types for a location prior to adding it so you can select the info when adding the location. You can always add it later by selecting the edit option from the “Run Errands” screen.

3. Adding Types:

Types are not required but can be used to filter the results on the “Run Errands” screen so you will only see location information for the type you select. To add a type to the location, just click the dropdown menu on the “Add Errand Info” screen. You can create new types or delete existing types by clicking the “+” or “-” icons next to the task selection dropdown. Some examples of types would be “Appointments, Shopping, Meetings, etc

4. Adding Tasks:

Task lists can be associated with any location you add. Use the “Add/Edit Tasks” button to create new task lists or edit any existing task list. When viewing your errand info on the “Run Errand” screen or the integrated map, you can bring up the task list and check off tasks you have completed for the errands you have added.

5. Viewing Saved Locations:

After adding errand locations, errands can be viewed on by clicking the “Run Errands” button. You can use the dropdown options on the screen to filter errands by status or type and edit or delete any errand locations that are displayed

6. Editing Saved Locations:

When viewing the locations on the “Run Errands” screen, tap and hold any location in the list to display the edit/delete options.

7. Launching the Navigator

Launching the navigator for your saved addresses is simple. Just click on any address on your list and the navigator will launch and guide you to your destination.